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HDR Insider is unlike any other Photography and Photoshop training out there.  Each month you will get Photoshop actions, projects, tutorials and can even submit photos for critiques.  By joining you will be joining an elite group of passionate photographers who want to push the limits and explore new things.  With direct access to the instructors through email and social media.Join Today! 

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Zone System Tip

Zone System Quick Tip | Speeding up the Workflow

Zone System Quick Tip | Speeding up the Workflow

2 Quick Tips to speed up your Zone System Workflow I love the Zone Systems, they are like a 3rd child to me really.  I’ve raised them up from nothing, watched them grow and now I have seen how much of a pain in the ass they can be  trouble they can be.  What?...


January 2016’s Critique Session

January 2016’s Critique Session

Another great one for the books! This month was another great round of critique images.  Well… what month isn’t right?  I learn so much about my own photography from these critique sessions that I place a lot of value in this session.  I may be biased...


February 2016’s Action | Dramatic Effects

February 2016’s Action | Dramatic Effects

  In the past I may have created some dramatic style filters and gave them here on HDR Insider.  However, these are the new and improved versions which come packed with 4 Actions that will add a hint of drama to your photo dependent upon the look you are going for,...


February 2016’s Project of the Month

February 2016’s Project of the Month

Enough with the fluffy stuff lately, lets have some grunge!   Lately on EverydayHDR we’ve been doing some pretty things, some Milky Way stuff and well I think it is about tie we had something grungy!  Here is the perfect candidate.  This is a shot from the...


Excellent source to hone composition skills and learn techniques to make your images pop using the features of Photoshop and other photo manipulation software. Blake’s teaching methods just don’t show you how, but why to modify your images.


HDR Insider Member

When I started with HDR Insider I did not know what to expect. Then all of a sudden there were free actions, The Digital Zone System, and The Color Zone System. My photo editing started to make sense. Before these systems and actions, I would guess and most of the time I guessed wrong. Now, with these systems and actions, my photo editing make sense. 


HDR Insider Member

Just become a member and have started to go through all the previous tutorials and critiques. What a gold mine here for learning! Great job from Blake Rudis and thank you very much for bringing this site to us!


HDR Insider Member

What I like most about HDR Insider is connecting with people from all over the world who share a similar passion. Most of us are not professional photographers and never will be. Yet, we’re all serious about our photography and strive to be better at it. 


HDR Insider Member

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