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HDR INSIDER to f.64 Elite questions answered!

HDR INSIDER to f.64 Elite questions answered!

Your questions about f.64 Elite from HDR Insider have been answered! Thank you to everyone who either asked a question on the Facebook Page or liked one of the previously added questions.  That helped me gauge the level of importance of each topic and aided in the...




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April 2016’s Critique Session

April 2016’s Critique Session

The final Critique for HDR Insider All great things must come to an end.  Or at least a short term end.  As I stated in the video answering your questions, the critique sessions will live on in some way shape or form, whether that is the way you have seen here or in...




Excellent source to hone composition skills and learn techniques to make your images pop using the features of Photoshop and other photo manipulation software. Blake’s teaching methods just don’t show you how, but why to modify your images.


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When I started with HDR Insider I did not know what to expect. Then all of a sudden there were free actions, The Digital Zone System, and The Color Zone System. My photo editing started to make sense. Before these systems and actions, I would guess and most of the time I guessed wrong. Now, with these systems and actions, my photo editing make sense. 


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Just become a member and have started to go through all the previous tutorials and critiques. What a gold mine here for learning! Great job from Blake Rudis and thank you very much for bringing this site to us!


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What I like most about HDR Insider is connecting with people from all over the world who share a similar passion. Most of us are not professional photographers and never will be. Yet, we’re all serious about our photography and strive to be better at it. 


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